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Biocatalytic Process Designer

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Exploring routes of synthesis for relevant API based on patent and scientific literature, including both synthetic and biocatalytic options;
  • Design of routes of synthesis including biocatalytic steps for the preparation of API or intermediates;
  • Selection and recommendation of enzymes for given biocatalytic steps based on literature, databases, commercial sources and structural information;
  • Following the scientific and patent literature related to running biocatalytic developments and biocatalytic technologies in general;
  • Recommendation for the biocatalytic process development teams with regards to the reaction conditions and technologies to be explored;
  • Preparation of cost calculations for biocatalytic routes;
  • Cooperation with project managers and colleagues from other R&D sites, in English.

Qualification and Experience:

  • At least Master of Science level university degree in chemistry, chemical engineering or pharmacy;
  • Proficiency and experience in biocatalysis or enzyme chemistry;
  • High level knowledge in organic chemistry;
  • Creativity, susceptibility for new methods, technologies in the field of biocatalysis;
  • Good communication skills in English;
  • User level computer skills.


  • Qualification related to enzyme chemistry;
  • Ph.D. degree obtained in biocatalysis, enzyme chemistry, biochemistry or related areas;
  • Proficiency in enzyme immobilization, use of immobilized enzyme preparations or enzyme kinetic measurements;
  • Proficiency in computational modelling of enzymes (docking, molecular dynamics).
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